My first burn with benq 1620


finally i got my black 1620, first i wanted the plextor 716a but after the
not so good results here at this forum a bought today a black 1620 for 85€ :slight_smile:

also i got verbatim 10pack 8x certified; so here are my results, i dont understand much, so is this a good burn??? in nero i had only the option to burn this media maximum at 12x, no 16x, so i guess this automatically appears when a media is able to burn @16x???

so the scan shows a average burn @6.11, i burned it with 12x???
here also what dvd ident. says…

my firmware is B7K9 should i upgrade to B7M9?

thx for help

That 6.11x is the speed it scanned it at for the test,not your burn speed. You’re likely to get 6.11x or there’s about everytime. I would upgrade to B7M9 and you can do the PI/PIF/Jitter Disk quality scanning in the latest Nero CD-DVD Speed, that will tell you more about the quality of your burns.

You have a smooth curve so looks like a good burn.

Hi Hef,

here are the result of the disc-quality test, so far i can understand the burn
seems to be very good?


You need to update your Nero CD-DVD Speed to version 3.42 here.
This will give you full scan speed and PIF measurements.

The scan looks very nice though…

ok, here is the scan with cd speed 3.42, so far i can understand the medium(verbatim written @12x was burned only with 8x???)

thx for help

The scan is good!
Nice scan…
The BenQ 1620 does like the MCC003 though…

The maximum reading speed for testing is 8x -that doesn’t mean the burn speed