My first Burn on my DW1620



Just Got my DW1620 flashed it to B7V9 and burnt my first movie on a Ricohjpn R01 at 8X and I got to say I am very happy with the results I got one Question for a all where should the Jitter average Be?? I didn’t have that with my Lite-On 812@832. What do you guys think of the Burn… :iagree:

Here is the 8X scan…


Thats a great burn. :wink:
You may want to try a scan at 8x, thats the
standard for Benq/Philips drives.


Very nice totals and max levels. I seem to recall that you want Jitter under 10%. I hope your BenQ keeps up the good work.



By jitter < 10%, do you mean the avg or max? Though my avg’s are sub 10%, it seems i’m over 10% for my max’s. I’m still scoring in the upper 90’s with low PIE/PIF totals and max’s. I wonder how the jitter max over 10% factors into the overall quality of it?


The ECMA Standard #349, Second Edition - June 2004.

30.2.5 Jitter

Jitter is the standard deviation σ of the time variations of the binary read signal. This binary read signal is created by a slicer, after feeding the HF signal from the HF read channel through an equalizer and LPF (see Annex D). The jitter of the leading and trailing edges is measured relative to the PLL clock and normalized by the Channel bit clock period.
The jitter shall be measured at the Reference velocity using the circuit specified in Annex D.

The jitter measurement shall be using the conditions specified in 29.4.

The measured jitter shall not exceed 9,0 %.

That means max jitter shall not exceed 9%. However freaks reported no problem reading back a burn disk with jitter up to 12.5%.


Thanks zevia; I knew I was close.


no problem chas.


thanks, zevia. Lol … every single one of my burns are over 9.0% max jitter. I wonder if that’s even possible with my burner? :slight_smile: Worst max jitter was a 16x burn - 10.17% avg / 14.20% max. Still read back tho.


Yeah I don’t worry about jitter to much, if I see it max 12.5% and looks like a straight line then the jitter is fine.


I agree with you zevia. :iagree:
But, our DVDRW drives are far too primitive for any adequate jitter measurement.

Few additional notes;
Jitter measurement discribed in ECMA-349 (here with working link) are done at “reference velocity”, ie. 3,46m/s (1x) and with a setup of equipment as described in figure D1 (annex D, p.93).
None of these conditions can be met by our drives.

What should I do if my jitter (max) is above 12.5%?
The best is to run a transfer rate test at highest possible speed. If CD/DVD Speed shows an even graph all the way to the end of disc, then there is nothing to worry about. :wink:


Thanks for correcting the link pinto2. Don’t know what happen to my link, I guess it changed when I edited the post. Can a mod fix it, in case someone “search”?


I read one article (sorry I don’t remember where I saw it)
that said jitter can go from 15 to near 25% before it causes problems.
I have spikes in jitter to near 11% with averages over 9% and no problems so far.