My First Burn Ever

On my new drive … I’m using Imation CD-R disks bought at Office Depot (made in HK). The burn log says the disk is:

CDR code: 00 97 26 66; OSJ entry from: CMC Magnetics Corporation

With Nero Drive Speed, I can map the top chart and get a graphic, but I can’t map the bottom chart – and that’s what shows the burn itself and errors. Can someone help me figure out how to use that?

Post a picture of what you’re talking about, if I am correct in my thinking, everything is perfectly normal since the drive is not reporting C2 errors since there may not be any :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. Here’s a graphic of the first music CD I burned. I want to see the graphic in the bottom graph, too.

No, you don’t. C2 errors mean the CD should be thrown out, so no news is good news on the bottom portion! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t have said it better myself. :flower:

Any burned CD-R that shows C2 errors (for most scanning drives that means E32 errors which cannot be corrected by the C2 layer) should be replaced with a new copy.

Any pressed CD that shows E32 errors should be backed up to a new CD-R if possible.

OIC. So if the scan is blank on the bottom graph, that mean’s there were no C2 errors. :slight_smile: How about the top portion of my scan? Did I do a decent job? (or not)?

Your C1 error average of 3.38 translates to a “Good Quality” burn; fewer than an average of 2 is considered “best” and an average of 10 or more is “Poor”. These are the standards for our ODD reviews.

Hey, i tested cd testing with my plextor (dvdr) and in most of cases we have some C1 errors, but using the LiteOn (dvdr), he doesn’t show any c1… so… liteon sucks on cd scanning?

LiteOn DVD burners don’t report C1 errors correctly. Instead of reporting all C1 errors (C1=BLER=E11+E21+E31) they report only errors that fail C1 error correction (C1=E31). On some outstanding CDs there will be no E31 errors, and a LiteOn DVD burner can thus report zero C1.

Unless a LiteOn DVD burner is your only choice for scanning CD media, I recommend not using it for that purpose.

Haha as I thought. No as everyone has said, you don’t want to see anything in the second graph. The burn is ok, pretty standard for CMC magnetics.