My first burn 851s@832s CG3E



This is my first burn with my liteon patched at 832s.
Write speed 4x, test speed 4x.
The firmware il CG3E ‘original’, not omnipatched.
Media are Verbatim…really MCC002 how you can see.
It’s good, right?


@ futech
Excellent burn! :iagree:


tnx :slight_smile:
this is the second :wink:


@ futech
Also very nice. If you want to read up on what these mean, read Interpreting PI/PO error scans


tnx PLEASE, i’ve already read that post.
I want only to share my results, i’m so happy :wink: eheh


@ futech Yes you should be very :slight_smile: it’s a LiteOn