My First Build, How to connect to SATA ports



I’m about to build my first PC using an ASUS A7N8X-E-Deluxe Motherboard which has two SATA ports/sockets marked, SATA_RAID1 and SATA_RAID2. I want to connect one SATA Hard Drive to one of the ports, is this ok?
The MOBO manual mentions various setups for the SATA sockets, but they are all as RAID setups, the manual doesn’t indicate whether only one socket can be used. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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Hi :wink:
Yes you can connect 1 drive
Simply connect to the primary sata / sata 1
When booting you should be able to set to boot from this if you so wish
N.B. With the m/b you will have drivers for both raid or ata
When using 1 drive you just install ata drivers


Sorry to be so thick but what does m/b stand for?.




Thanks madmax, it was so obvious, I’m having a bad day, and thanks for the tip zebadee.