My First Build, can't install drivers for RADEON 9800 PRO



This is my first build and I’ve got to the point of installing the drivers for my Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card. They appear to install ok and when I click on Finish to reboot, the PC reboots but the screen turns black and shuts off immediately after the XP logo appears. In order to get back into Windows I had to uninstall the drivers in Safe Mode. I have now downloaded the latest ATI Catalyst drivers, installed Network Frames 1.1, which ATI say is required, but the same thing has happened with the new drivers. Any suggestions as to whats wrong would be appreciated. Cheers.


My only sugestion would be to use the ATI uninstall App (Uninstalls all ATI applications) and try loading again. I don’t know if this is applicable but did you install Mobo chipset drivers?


Can u tell me what drivers u instaled (exacly) and what Win XP u got ?

btw did u instal before mainboard Drivers, maybe u got some notinstaled device,did u try to instal drivers from device menager (or hardware menager i dont have eng ver of Win), did u check break’s ( interruption, or something dont remember eng name i got edited Bios … to polish :stuck_out_tongue: long time ago:P) in Mainboard Bios? maybe there is conflict^


sorr i cant edit post … =/

maybe there is probem in dispay mode ? u said there is black screen after boot screen of windows what is max resolution of your monitor ?


Too late to edit. Or DirectX Maybe?


I used the ATI uninstall panel, then downloaded the latest ATI drivers and re-installed but the same thing happened. I had already installed the nVidia MoBo drivers before I tried to install the ATI drivers.


to Besmirch, The version of ATI drivers is: 8.132 for the display drivers and 5.5 for the Catalyst drivers. My version of XP is XP Pro. I installed the drivers from the ATI CD. I’m not sure what the maximum resolution of my monitor is,the monitor was automatically adjusted by Windows as I installed XP. The monitor images are good in all respects when the ATI drivers are not installed.


If you think driver versions/partial unintstalls ect. might have mucked something up, give the following tool a try:

It has saved me from a format/reinstall a few times in the past.


Thanks Skith I’ll try it if updating my Direct X doesn’t work.


Most DirectX based apps will complain when installing if the DirectX version currently installed does not meet apps requirements


faster will be

  1. backup data (4 example ghost)
  2. wipe C:\
  3. instal win XP
  4. instal Motherboard Drivers
  5. instal Instal all devices (Audio,lan,etc)
  6. instal Grafic Card (but from hardware menager)
  7. see what happening

if same … unghost drive … and keep looking :X


I’m starting to grasp at straws now. I’ve updated to directX9c, run The Cleaner, re-installed the latest ATI drivers, but no joy. The PC is running fine in all other respects. Without the ATI drivers installed the graphics are good. Any further ideas would be welcome. My system is:
CPU AMD 2800 XP Barton.
RAM 512MB Crucial DDR 3200.
DVD/ROM Sony DDU 1612.
OS Windows XP Pro. No service packs yet as I don’t intend to go online until I’ve got the hang on my new PC. That’s some storage you’ve got there The Black Wizard. Cheers.


Have you tried the card in another PC, Is it new or was it working before.


I haven’t tried the card in another PC because I thought it must be ok because the graphics are working ok with XPs generic drivers. The card is new but I will try it in another PC once I’ve exhausted all other options. I assumed I must have done something daft and someone might just spot what it was, but it looks as if it’s a bit more complex than something that’s caused by a simple mistake. Cheers.


Did u chack Bios ??? and interuptions ?, are u able to reinstal OS and chack, or instal win on other partytion and check ?


@rim rim
How do you truly know that it is the ATI catalyst v5.5 driver, and NOT another installed driver conflicting with the ATI driver.

  1. Through ADD/REMOVE Programs, uninstall ALL ATI & NVIDIA drivers.
  2. Reboot accordingly.
  3. Check C:\NVidia\ to ensure all files are gone. Delete if not.
  4. Check C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ to ensure all ati***.sys files are gone.
  5. Once all above is gone, install ONLY ATI catalyst v5.5.
  6. Reboot.

The best scenario for you would be to do a fresh install. Then XP SP1. Then ATI catalyst v5.5.(install DIrectX 9 if ATI complains current DirectX version not compatable)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


You can use Cat-uninstaller from Here , it’s meant to get rid of all catalyst drivers.


Downloaded and tried the Cat Cleaner. It did a good job on removing all the old drivers but I’ve still got the problem. I’m going to go for The Black Wizard’s suggestion and start from scratch. Cheers.


I can’t believe it, my problem is fixed. I started from scratch, re-partitioned,formatted and installed XP, I carefully installed the nVidia MOBO drivers, then the ATI drivers and rebooted. After the XP logo appeared the monitor went black and cut off. It had been suggested to me that the monitors refresh rate might not be compatible with the ATI graphics card, something that Besmirch had touch on in an earlier post and which I was too slow to pick up on.
So I replaced the spare monitor I was using with the monitor I intended to use when /If, my system ever got up and running. I rebooted and BINGO! I was presented with a nice new XP desktop. It’s been a steep learning curve for me and I don’t know if my nerves would have taken it if changing the monitor hadn’t worked, but there we are. Many thanks to all who have chipped in with advice.


told u:P

BTW best why to fix windows problems (format… reinstall)