My first Benq-drive (DW1640)

Finally it arrived, my first Benq-Drive :slight_smile:

You realize that you now have an obligation to post many, many scans don’t you? From where did you purchase it?

I wish they were for sale in Canada now. Im starting to see cheaper DL media prices in my neighbourhood. :slight_smile:

I bought it at

I wonder why I can’t burn those at 8x:

Nice :slight_smile: , wish I could find a local or even just a UK supplier of them.
Never found a consistant supplier for the 1620 (thats why I got the Philips), heaven help me finding a 1640!

Burn quality seems to be ok, but I can’t burn them faster than 4x :frowning: .
Currently that’s the only type of media I’ve got here.

Impressive PIE levels.

halfa2 > Congrats on your 1640. Looks like a very nice burn. How much did you pay for it? In USD please

USA & European prices are so different!

Cheapest 1640 i’ve seen here in Europe is € 70 ($ 89.7) without shipping costs and that’s a good price, since 1620 is still sold for about 60 € ($ 78)

By the way i guess when they’ll be largely available prices should drop out…

Went out and bought a couple of DVD+Rs.

Sony 8x DVD+R (burned at 8x, that’s the fastest speed the drive offered):

I guess that’s pretty good for Sony D11 media.

Wow…that’s some of the best burns I’ve seen! BTW, according to 1640 spec, it is capable of burning ± R at 16X. If the quality is consistent to the scans posted here, it’s going to become a must-buy in no time!

Frankly I am surprised that such good media is not overspeeded by default firmware… maybe they prepare a firmware update and did not wanted to mess the first impression… Anyway, good choice… I have few questions about this drive: is it loud when reading at 16x (-/+R) media? does it provide good error-correction capabilities on older/scratched discs?

that’s the lowest pie i’ve seen so far!!! but it would’ve been a lot more impressive if it was burned at 8X!!! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for a full review!!! I only wish the 1640 had the LighScribe feature, I hope they add that feature with a future FW release!!! Infact they should’ve added everything including dvd-rDL and dvd-ram that way BenQ would’ve been truly the ultimate super multi drive beating LG drives!!!

Forget about LightScribe. Why? Simply because there are some vital mechanical parts missing in 1640!!!
This function can’t be added by a “future firmware release”!.

I tried LS firmware and a LS CD-R on my 1620 and it’s nogo.

Read more about LS DVDRW drives here.

I think lightscribe is pretty useless.
I’ve heard that it bleaches out very quick and gets almost invisible.

btw. I should get a batch of Fuji 8x Taiyo DVD+R soon, I’ll post some scans of those then.

Lightscribe is one of those things that will be here today but gone tommrow, it doesnt really have much use. Its like plextors writing to 1gig to 700 meg cds yes its useful but it never really caught on with any other manufacturers.

I agree.
Lightscribe is a interesting feature, but it’s only a gimmick. It is not a essential function. I think lightscribe was released because the development of DW1640 was delayed.

Lightscribe is a very nice feature and looks good too.
Unfortunately it’s way too slow.
I would accept max. 2 min. for a black and white “print” on my DVD.


Since the default firmware starts with a B, I’m guessing that it’s Beta firmware. The DW1625 also has firmwares starting with B.