My first bad experience with Lite-On Windows Flasher

Just now flashed my 52246s to newest firmware 6s07.

Now I know why everyone bashes the Windows flasher, in the past it has served me well, but today it failed me:( .

I rebooted and had been in the middle of some ATIP checks. I went to read some more and…nothing? Tried 3 ATIP readers and it was acting like a CD drive. I went back to 6s02 (mtkflash) and it worked fine. I was about to post here demanding why rdgrimes of the cd media forum hadn’t said anything yet, but decided to mtkflash 6s07. Now it’s working. I guess I’ll be using mtkflash for firmware updates from now on.

I’ve used the windows flasher for at least the last 6 flashes on my drive…

Well, a firmware flasher should have a failure rate of 0%…

I killed my 163D many times testing the Windows firmware update utility and I had a 100% “NOT” successful rate. Is this good? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well You have to set liteon165H in pio mode then flash it.
It is just a little trick.:stuck_out_tongue:

I could only flash my ltr-40125s to ZS0P with the windows flasher when I switched back to pio-mode. Earlier firmware updates didn’t need this action… I have no clue what could explain this behaviour.

Curse the windows flashers. It’s always been DOS flasher for me, from BIOS to firmware. But whatever reason, I flashed the 166S the other day w/ win flasher and the SOB killed the drive. Thank God for mtkflash.