My first baby benq

after waitin a month for restocking ive just got 2 dw1620 pros, retail, malaysia, feb 2005, b7t9.

i was doin the 1620 or 3520 or 1620 roundabout when i read here

Do you want to join the NEC fan cult, or the BenQ fan cult

what an easy way to decide :stuck_out_tongue:

so seen as it seems a little warmer here for n00bs, heres my ye have to start somewhere ques

id like to test one against the other with cd speed, and reference the results off the ones here
so do i leave all the options on default in cd speed, or do ye all tick different boxes
im guessin ill have to match media codes and f/w s for an easy gui comparison

a link will do
cheers :bigsmile:

Welcome to the Forum and the BenQ Cult of the Adicted.

  1. Scan speed of 8X is the Benq forum standard. 2. DL the latest version of cdspeed. 3. Have fun! :bigsmile: