My first 100 score

Disk Datawrite mcc003 rated at 8 times write, writen at 4 times on Philips 1640p with firmware p3.4. When i can figure out how to post image i will.
PI errors
average 0.27
max 5
total 1210

PI failures
average 0.00
max 0
total 0

Jitter 7.76
max 9.3

PO failures 0

Quality score 100



Scan plz

Hope this works…

Are you using the last version of cddvdspeed ?

I agree there should be at least some PI failures i dont think i have ever seen a disk that has none at all. It seems PIF errors arent being reported, obviously you may not be running the lastest CDspeed softer.

You need to update to a newer version of Nero CD-DVD speed to allow PIF scanning, and also to be able to scan at higher speed then apx 1x. Please download the latest version of Nero CD-DVD Speed at: and scan the same disc at 8x.

Happy scanning!

Hi all, the version of cd speed was 3.23 and the media was printable, i have printed it now and downloaded the latest version of cd speed and get a score of 99 now, i cant see any difference in what is displayed between the two versions of cd speed appart from the score. I scan all my disks at the speed they were burnt at, in the above 4 speed. Think i will print off that scan and frame it!




You seem to be from the future (your scan is dated 12 May 2005) which could account for its excellent score. :slight_smile:

Hi all, thanks for pointing out the date, not sure why but my date was wrong on my computer. This was a proper scan not cheated or anything and i am happy with it and if anyone thinks its doctored or fixed i am not bothered cos i know.



>>Hi all, the version of cd speed was 3.23

Download CD-DVD Speed 3.80 here :

The quality score in CD Speed is based on PIF’s, and since your version of CD Speed does not measure those, the outcome has no meaning. The burn may be very good, but nobody has ever recorded a true 100% quality score.
But if you want to be happy, go ahead and frame it. :slight_smile:

BTW Weird dates in CD Speed scans happen all the time, sometimes a fresh burn shows a date several days, weeks or even months in the past, so why not a date in the future…

I think ppl here kinda agreed to scan at 8x.

Heh, I made the same mistake one night after drinking a whole lot of tequila. Then they pointed out that the version of CD Speed was ancient.

Moral of the story…Don’t drink and scan.

The thread title seems now a bit misleading. Better make it like “what does this 100 score really mean?”

true dat :iagree:

i was like wooooo…when i saw the title of this thread

I was hopeful as well. As I catagorized my media/drive combinations last night, I came to realize that the only media I have that burns better on the 1620 is some old Ridata R03. When that is gone the rest all burn at B and C grade levels of quality (my own scoring system), good, but not better than any other drive I use. If only I could find something cheap that it just loved. The sad thing is, I just know all the other drives will wear out before the BenQ. At least it burns CDs.

Yep… only true scans are where you keep all the variables as un-variable as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Or “My first and last 100 score”. It’s so sad, in a way… :wink:

this is my first 100 score scan :bigsmile: