My F9 button doesnt give me options

Everyone says to press the F9 key to get the options like burning speed or copy more than one disc. but when i press the F9, nothing happens. If I press F10 I get the history of my last burning, which Im supposed to get so I know that works. It seems very easy, so what am I doing wrong. Thx

Do you happen to have the “F LOCK” locked ?

With 1Click open ,
the ‘F keys’ will bring up certain functions.
F7 opens the CopytoDVD log ,
F8 opens 1Click log ,
F9 opens CopytoDVD settings


once again shannon has come to the rescue. Thats exactly what i was doing. thx you again

What does it mean to have the “F LOCK” locked?

Microsoft keyboards (or at least some of the later ones) have a f lock key that lets the each function key have more than one assigned function.