My F**king dvd player

my aunt gave me a panasonic dvd player so i was like cool, my very own dvd player, that was until i realized it would play some of my dvds not all of them.
i just wanna find out why i can’t play all of them

please help!!!

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Look at the instructions and see if it will play - and + R disk, need more information, some dvd players are very picky and will only play one type of disk

what if i lost the instructions to the player? what now?

well you can tell us the model of the DVD player.

Then check the manufacturers support online help site.

Try putting in the moddel number here and checking if others have had problems with it reading some discs.

Panasonic offers just about all of its user manuals online,

I would also guess that it has to do with the -R +R compatability issue. That’s the first thing I would check.

IIRC, the Panas prefer -R burnt at max 8x…

panasonic advanced progressive scan, dvd ram playback. the model number is dvd-S29

i hope this helps

It looks like while this is supposed to be a multi format player, it might be limited on what it can play.

Fyi, on this link, look for the support and resources tab, and there is a link to the pdf for the manual that you can print.

What kind of disks are you trying to play that it will not play? Prerecorded (purchased disks), ones you burned yourself, and if so, what format (dvd, xvid, divx etc), and on what kind of media (+/-r, brand, speed etc)?