My external DVD burner won't read any discs

I purchased two parts (NEC ND-3550A and external enclosure from Newegg a week ago.

I got them a couple of days ago and put the burner into the enclosure and hooked it up on the laptop through USB 2.0 and it was recognized as a DVD-RW Drive immediately. However, it is refusing to read any disc such as DVD-R, CD-RW, etc. I’ve been trying to find a solution for the last few days. I even looked through a lot of posts on this website.

I’ll just go ahead and post everything that might help.

My laptop is a HP
AMD Athlon XP2200+
1.7GHz, 704MB of RAM

The NEC ND-3550A’s jumper is on the master. Its firmware is 1.06 (Current verison so far).

Some external enclosures just do not support optical drives. You might want to test, if the drive works when it’s attached directly to an IDE connector. So you can make sure the drive does not have a problem.