My expierence with AOpen DVD1648/AAP PRO

I ordered an AAP from Newegg last week and a pro w/ fw 1.0 arrived in beige, I immediately upgraded it to firmware 1.01 and began using it, have heard a lot of non-pro vs. pro discussion about poor performance from the PRO version, however I am not seeing that

newegg link for drive:

My system:

NForce2 mobo, 3200+ Barton (200*12), NEC 3500AG/AAP PRO, 60GB WD JB, 512mb DDR

I backed up DVD movie office space (SL original) @ 12x on ritek G05 media, seems the AOpen actually rips discs in DL faster than SL! (I use dvd decrypter/dvdshrink), this peticular rip topped out at ~13,000kb/sec, I often see 15000-16000kb/sec w/ DL discs, below is a cdspeed scan of the finished burn, i’m using NForce IDE driver 4.79 (non-whql) from a recent leaked driver set, everything seems smooth sailing with this drive for me, not sure why others were disappointed with it?

Only weird thing i’ve found is the driver likes to set it @ UDMA1 even though the bios says UDMA2, manually setting it to UDMA2 slows it down considerably, performs great as is either way.

I too have a nForce2 chipset, but I’m using the stock M$ IDE driver. Here’s a burst rate of the 1648 AAP non-PRO as secondary slave, disc created through Nero’s Create Data Disc function on (1) YUDEN000T02 and (2) Maxell RG02 media.