My experiences with SOHW 812S to date

Hi guys,

This would be my first post here so any help would be much appreciated. I have recently purchased a the abovementioned LiteOn drive and have been backing up data on various media available to me at a local computer store (I’m in Sydney, Australia).

From what I have read on these forums and on other sites I would be lead to believe that RiData > Princo > PioData, but my burning experiences show otherwise. N.B. All burns are 4.37GB of data backed up using Nero (usually the same data is on each DVD just for comparisons sake and in the case where it is not, it is still ok since it is always 4.37GB).

So far the worst media I have encountered is some Melody DVD+R that cost me AUD $1.70 each, the PI was about 10,000 and the PO was about 1000… I kid you not) The underside of the media clearly shows that the distribution of the dye is no good as there are rings/ripples etc. These discs had the Manufacturer ID as Longten.

The second worst disc I have encountered was a DVD-R with no brand but also from Longten (the guy at the computer store gave me one for free to test it out so I don’t know the price). The PI reached almost 800 and the PO I can’t remember off the top of my head (I’m at work atm).

The next disc is where I am stumped. They are RiData 4X DVD+R (RICOHJPNR01) which I get for AUD$1.60 each. They look the part and I have yet to burn one that doesn’t pass CRC let alone coaster. I am reasonably happy with them and so decided to buy them in bulk. The problem is the KProbe scans. with US0A they are within spec, albeit with a gradual increase toward the end (or a spike at the beginning and end if burnt at 8X using hacked firmware). The problem changes when I switch to US0G, no the PI is outta spec and hits over 400 at 4X or 8X. They still check out fine as I CRC every backup I burn (it’s a habit I got into when I encountered a bad batch of CD-Rs that burnt OK but failed CRC and so the files affected were unrecoverable).

Next up are the PioData which have low PI and PO (except an occasional PO spike to about 50ish). I get em for $0.80 and they are ID’d as GSC (Gigastore Corp). They are supposed to be classed as garbage media (or is that information outdated?) yet they work just fine and produce in my opinion better KProbe scans than the Ricoh’s.

Then there are the Princo’s that are $0.90 and they burn better than the PioData with both PI and PO well under spec.

The best disc I have encountered are the Melody DVD+RW which are ID’d as Philips. According to other sites etc they are supposedly made by CMC? Anyways this disc is really clean in the PI and PO department with PI average in the single digits and the PO average in the 100ths. They cost me $4.00.

I’ve seen scans of RICOHJPNR01s that look way better than my princo scans, and I’ve also seen them look similar to my US0A scans. (I’ve yet to try US0F).

My plan of attack? Try RecordNow instead of Nero? Use DVDDecryptor to burn the ISO’s created in Nero? Should I even attempt to try and flash my drive to an 851?

Any insight would be much appreciated.


(My setup in case anyone wonders:
Athlon 1.3C running WinXP SP1.
LiteOn SOHW 812s
LiteOn LTR 48126s
Seagate 7200RPM 40gig, 120Gig x 4 (not in RAID array)

Just a note, your Nero is well out of date. Should be looking at Nero 6 + Nero express.

Was that Nero version a typo?

Those are bizarre results. Do you have access to a second 812 to play with? Which firmware are you using?

Download the latest Nero 6 and your problems should be solved…

My bad,

I’m using Nero, which is relatively recent. I only have the one drive and the firmware used is US0G, I know of no-one else who has the same drive as myself to confirm. :((

Try another burning program… I get good results with CloneDVD2…