My experiences with BTC 1004IM, Win98SE


I have a MicroAdvantage/BTC 1004IM F/W 0048 running under Win98SE. I am running a much older system -

PIII 500MHz, 384MB RAM [Intel 440BX-2 mobo]
PM: 13.6GB Maxtor HDD
PS: 40GB Maxtor HDD
SM: BTC 1004IM v0048

1.) The mobo does not have the latest BIOS, I have v15 and the latest is v17.
2.) Win98SE is missing many of the MS updates, I will get them.
3.) OS is FAT32, not NTFS … thinking about switching to Win2k.
4.) BTC 1004IM is at v0048, have not upgraded to v0049.
5.) After burning a DVD, the drive will not eject, I have to hit eject on the drive and then right-click on DVDRW drive icon [to select eject and before I can] it ejects. Seems like there is some system contention.
6.) Have lots of CD/DVD software loaded … CloneCD [uninstalled it because I heard from this forum that it could be causing problems], Roxio Easy CD Creator, Nero, Alcohol 120%, Sonic MyDVD, DVD Decrypter, and DVD Shrink.

Backups of movies [I own] have worked without any failing using Starlogic/Princo DVD-R, and Khypermedia/TDK DVD-R. But when I do backups of console games [I own] the resulting copies have been flaky at best some with skipping video and/or audio. Any ideas or recommendations?