My experience

well just thought i’d post my results:
1.predator:worked great…quality superb…only i used the old version of nero therefore it only played on my xbox…i had to upgrade and reburn so it works on my standalone.
2.vampire hunder d bloodlust:i thought it worked great till i to chapter 12 of 20…then i got digital blocks…i checked the vobs and they were fine on my comp…so i rebooted and reburned and now it works perfect…quality superb.
3.goodfellas:a bit more of a challenge since im a newbie…but i followed the guide on how to make a 2 disk dvd into one dvdr and i was successful…side A was 19 chpts and side B was 15…when i joined them and ran them with dvd2one it produced 20 chpts…the last chpt being the entire side B…some 60 mins…but never the less…it works great…quality superb.

conclusion:dvd2one is the best money ive spent…its saved me countless minutes…maybe even hours…its does all the magic for you.dvdecryptor,dvd2one,vobedit,ifoedit,nero…awesome combination.

my question:if a movie is double sided…that means its 4 gigs on each side right? therefore dvd2one compressed an 8 gig movie into a 4gig? also,is there anyway when i join the vobs to make more chapters intstead of having a single chpt like 60 mins long?

ge standalone dvd plyr
xbox dvd plyr
cendyne 105
1.6ghz p4

i don’t think you want a movie of 8+ gig to be compressed to 4.7 gig…it will look very bad

Originally posted by damiandimitri
i don’t think you want a movie of 8+ gig to be compressed to 4.7 gig…it will look very bad

thats not always true,i did attack of the clones,it is about 7.5gb for just the movie and it looks great. harry potter is about the same size but its a longer movie,that looks pretty good too.

i think its the length of the movie that makes the movie look bad. for instance,fellowship of the extended edition 2 disk set,i joined the two(total of about 16gb) to one 4.7 dvd-r,that looks bad in some spots,mainly dark scenes. but it is still very watchable and i kept all 5 audio tracks,it has 4 commentaries.:smiley:

hmm…well i can honestly say goodfellas looks awesome…a whole lot better an vhs (i know cause i have the vhs tape also)…also,i am not talking about the entire original dvd…im talking about just the movie itself…no menu…just movie…start to finish. ima get busy on lotr:two towers…i’ll post results later tonight.

well another success…by far the progy ive used in my collection.w/the exception of my nero issue…not one bad disc yet.
total:5/6 discs perfect