My Experience with WarezMafia



I read a lot of good stuff about WM and thought I would test them out before making a larger order.

Based on my experiences so far I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Ordered Taz20 at the end of Feb,(fast delivery 1-2 weeks). At the end of March I inquired if the payment had been recieved…no reply after 5 days, sent query again, got a reply that simply said “cd is sent”.

One month later, no cd, sent another email asking when the cd had been sent.
Got an apology that there was a delay with the cd but no more details.
This seems to contradict the first reply, which said it had been sent.

Another month later, still no cd, sent an email asking about it (may 28)…no reply sent same email 6th June …now 10th and still no reply.

The cd may have been sent and lost/stolen in transit …I have no way of knowing.
Losing $35(AU) is no big deal, but as it appears that my emails are being ignored , I definately wouldn’t trust placing a big order.

If the cd does ever turn I will let you know.



Sad… Very sad story,

Scarface; this is not the way to deal warez, but I guess there’s a reason for all this not…??

The Replicator



try me…


Damn, Scarface, I didn’t expected this from you


I am a good dealer


[duth only] warezmaffia is altijd betrouwbaar geweest maar ik denk dat er verandering in komt,ze worden traag en jazeker traag heel traag met het afleveren van zendingen en beantwoorden van emails.ze laten de laatste tijd steken vallen,emails beantwoorden gaat nog tot ze eenmaal je geld ontvangen hebben,dan ebt hun interesse blijkbaar mag van geluk spreken als ze je mails binnen de de twee dagen beantwoorden.hopelijk verandert hun instelling zoniet the must go under althans ze zoeken het zelf.


this msg is 2 dmt2012:

Also YOU KNOW when a cd don’t arrive we free replace it with a new one.
So i dont see the point of posting a complete crap msg in here.

So mail us, and we replace it with a new one, and that is a thing you could have done before…



[case closed]