My experience with new firmware(for 1016IM)



I’ve had this burner since 11/04 and have used live update whenever new firmware was available. Never a problem until I flashed to A089. This one prevented my burner from making multisession data discs. First session was O.K., wouldn’t burn another session. I wanted to go back to A188 but I couldn’t find it so I downloaded A187 from one of the links on this site. That version is good–no problem with multisession discs. No more updates for me on this burner–I learned my lesson!



this drive is by far one of the lower end 16x burners out there

its like some firmware upgrades work with a lot of these drives but some of the drives have problems and some dont with newer firmware

i am going sell mine, or keep it as a backup, considering i have 4 burners, this one is far the worst when it comes to choosing media and speeds


My BTC 1016IM has been performing quite well. I realize I am probably the exception
since everybody that seems to post on this forum seems to have problems with theres.
For that reason alone I would not buy another one. If somebody offered me the right price I am sure I would replace it with a Benq 1640.


I wish I hadn’t stated in the above post that my 1016IM was performing quite well
because now it is dead. I tried to recover it many different ways but it will not come
back. It will not recognize anything that is put in it even after a MTK flash in DOS.
I think I will replace it with a Benq 1640.


LOL consider urself lucky that now ur getting a better drive

i only have one of these for a backup and cause i got it for 39 bucks when it came out, i wouldnt have bought it if it wasnt so cheap back when it shortly came out


The real question now is how long do you expect your drive to last??
Good luck, Budzos


for a long time, i dont use it alot, and even if i did i would expect it to last at least 3 years


I hardly used mine, I used it to burn my crappy media, for some strange reason it burnt
crappy media better than my Benq or my Liteons. My good media still burnt better in my Liteon 1673@1693.


I just returned my defective 1016IM to Best Buy and unfortunately I was given another
one just like it. I wonder how long this one will last?


Here is a scan of the 1rst burn with my replacement Btc 1016IM. It is a TY
TO2 burnt 8x with Clonedvd. Now as long as the burns stay like this I will be
happy, and the unit doesn’t die right after the exchange period ends.


omg, what a great scan for a BTC drive :slight_smile:


Yes, I was kinda suprised myself. Will it last? Only time will tell.


so a089 is a good firm , is it still downloadable? even tho i think i have it somewhere, i just dont wanna spend time looking for it


I have it on my computer but you can still get it thru liveupdate. Let me know if you
would like a copy of it and I’ll send it.


Just look into the first thread of this forum :wink:


i know i had problems with i think 88 or it might have been 89

idk, i will wait till the last firmware is out


same disc, burnt with btc a089 firm ttg02 at 8x

first scan was with a liteon and then scanned it with the btc drive to see the differnce

not bad for a btc burn lol

i will test a few more differnt media later


Some valuable advice and information in this thread, but I’d like to ask whether it is worth the risk flashing my brand new drive?

I killed my first one trying to go from A087 to A187 and got an identical replacement 1016UI (USB) with A07J on it from my local supermarket. (Note that you can’t DOS flash a USB drive – one misflash and it’s dead)

It seems to me that the balance of opinion above rates the new A089 well. I have both A089 (from liveupdate) and A188 (from emprex site) ready to go…

So, is the potential gain upgrading from A07J worth all the hassle (again!) if that little green light comes on permanently when I press that button?




going from a079 to a089 is well worth the flash

i finally get disc’s to burn good (well decent) in this drive


Thanks — yes, it was well worth going to A089 for the burn. In addition, I found DVD Identifier can now identify all the DVDs I regularly use including my +RWs & +Rs (which A07J couldn’t recognise).

So, for me, A089 is now the benchmark to judge the others by, and I will monitor this forum carefully to see the value of any future firmware updates before commiting to another flash.