My experience with lightscribe


why is my lightscribe drive dead?

ive been into lighstcribe for two years now, more or less since it all started (may 2005) and version 1.0.22

i bought an external LaCie d2 dvdrw-DL(Looks like a phillips inside but no one knows exactly wich brand it is)

until now i have succesfully burn about 400 discs,and ive been through all the usual troubles a new tech involves…communication errors, the usual bunch of verbs with a non recognizable central hub, and prints with rings,puzzled images, or smeared ink effect…

at first i tried different brands to choose wich one gives better contrast.

after been into tdk, memorex, and imation decided to stick to verbs as the give better labelling results and better scans on the data side.

never ever have a problem with lightscribe cdrs as they print like a charm with perfect resolution.

my first batch of a hundred DVD were the good old v1 CMC TAIWAN Verbs…no problem with these ones, appart the 30 min labelling time and the known fact that quality cant compare to cdrs because layer matters.

contast was also ok as they are the darkest dvd i had at the moment, good data scans, and i ony get 2 or 3 label-coasters by communication error,and i think it was much my fault asking too much to my computer and leaving it without enough resources to finish the lightscribe job done.

i got also accostumed to the white powder of cristalizated discs,but using a lint-free cloth(like the ones used for sunglasses will do the job

then i went into my second batch of verbs…
this ones was v1.2,with a lighter surface.

so it was time to flash the drive from firm cx30 to the new lt25 firmware.

as new lss updates were out the labeling times dropped from 30 to 16 minutes but being fast has a price: contrast

so i started to use elcu updates, the balance between contrast quality and time invested was right for me so i was happy again,…not for long,suddenly i realized i had a bad bunch of 3 spindles of the famous verbs “no matter what u do and how many times u clean the center hub these disc aint lighstcribe”.

so i have to use them for other pourposes, and i still have 6 or 7 of this no-way to label them discs around.

quite unsattisfied then i made my worst move:
change the make and buy a bunch of crappy PRIMEON lightscribe cheapos…this was an awful experience…
my lightscribe drive went mad and all i was getting was concentric rings,puzzled images or smeared ink nonesense. appart the data scans where horrid.

results: i have to open 2 spindles of 25 to convince myself it was not a bad bunch and ruined 50 discs,only one usable burn and data side survives,the first one.
fortunately i was in time to return the rest.

then ill stick on verbs again and ordered a new batch
this ones were v1.2 as well but moserbaer india made.

data side gave less accurate scans than taiwan ones but was still acepptable burns. label coating looked worst as weel but at the end of the day they burned fine. only cons is that sometimes firsts and last disc of every spindle have some black spots on the labeling surface. but overall i was happy again.

until last week.

suddenly i started to get an ugly banding effect on all my labels specially the darkest ones…so at first i turned out the elcu update and label them in normal mode…back to normal but i was not able to use the elcu anymore, in ten labels time i was getting the banding effect even in draft mode

suddenly on my last label when the disc came out it was only printed half of the label (like if a communication error has happened but there was no error at all) from then i cant lightscribe anything i insert the disc, it does all the proccess and after the 16 minutes the disc cames out as blank as i inserted and nothing is lightscribed.

there aint any errors or nothing checkup utility says everything is correct ive checked up the lightscribe service my self and everything is fine
and of course my sistem is clean,no virusess no spybots hd always defragmented and uptodate.

all this time my drive is been connected trough a hub
so ive tried changin connections from usb 2.0 to fireware direct to de pc, uninstalling INCD antivirus and anything can create a communication error, installing and uninstallig diferent version of the host.even revert to the very first one installing nero and shurething again…installed last host 1.8 anything. tried every single combination possible and result remains the same

flip the disc do all the process wait the time your disc is finised but disc comes out as blank as it gets in.

dead drive for lightscribe in two years?

the drive still burns and reads like charm.
but no lightscribes it possible?

now i have an expensive drive with half its propieties working
i guess i will have to buy a new one to find out
as guarantee expired a year ago, so nothing to do with laCie i suppose.

any suggestion?

i like the technology, and i am accostumed to test software but this is too much hassle for an ordinary user. :doh:

yesterday i ordered a thermal tdk printer untill i cans solve this…

no valid solution provided. the support staff at lightscribe is more than competent and they give a good service…but has no valid solution for my issue

my reply…
Hi,thanks for your fast replay,
tried to use the support link,but seems the url was down temporally,so i have to use this way ,I apologize for that.

definite is not a media problem, and its not a nero /surething issue as i get the same result with both and in different sets of new media
the drive recognizes the disc and the labeling software does his job (both nero/surething) without giving any error or communication problem and then it finish normally.

but the disc cames out as blank as i inserted it ,nothing is printed at all.nor images no text…nothing.

The banding effect issue was happening just Before it started not to work at all.

it has to be a hardware problem or something wrong with my system but i checked everything on it and all looks fine and format is not an option for me.
so im on Drive hardware issue.

looks like if the chip of the drive who controlls the laser intensity for lightscribbing is gone.but the drive burns data and reads it like charm.
so my Main question is…is that really possible?

the logical way to find out is to attach the drive to other computer with lightscribe installed but unfortunately i dont have any other or no one near who can lend me one to test, and of course im not goint to buy a new one to find out.

As the drive is two years old and theres no guarantee, returning or repairing the drive at laCie is not a good idea as it would be more expensive than to buy a new one.

so im stuck,with a drive that doesnt lightscribe anymore, but is no point to throw it away as it stills working for burning and reading data prefectly.

so guess i would have to buy a new one to lightscribe again, but what, if i do and it doesnt work?..more money to the bin?

if the expected life for a drive laser to lightscribe is shorter than the life for burning data wouldnt be a good option to make cheaper drives
strictly for lightscribbing…??

it quite disgusting to have an expensive drive,almost new,with only half its possibilities available,dont you think?

anyway,thanks for your attention.


so beware with lightscribe drives as they can have shorter life for lightscribe than for burning data

if someone exprerienced similar issue please let the rest know here.

hi i have experience the same problem with a liteon and a lg (h22l) the lg only about 20 burns will not recognise the lightscribe disc the liteon will do the circular banding.

if the disc is not recognised is media fault, just avoid that make if u can,(there was a batch of bad verbs around months ago)
banding effect is a hardware issue,and in my case the first symptom of a finally dead drive for lightscribe

just ordered a liteon 20x, let see if i have more luck with this one…

at least this one is cheap 27€ :slight_smile: the extenal lacie i bought just when it came out… and cost me around 200€ :doh: :Z

liteon works fine so definite my old lacie is dead for lightscribe :a
lets see how much this one lasts



I am experiencing the same problem you are. I had an external drive that one day stopped lightscribing. It would have been almost a year but that didn’t happen. I bought a used SATA internal and installed it. That worked one time then after that it didn’t write to dvd-r that is. Lightscribing to cd-r has no problems. Maybe the person who sold it to me on EBay experienced the same problem so sold it because it could no longer lightscribe anymore to dvd. I again bought a used lightscribe writer but an external one. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now but am finding out that I only can lightscribe one disk every couple of hours. It did work fine when I first got it. It’s as if the laser becomes so hot that it cannot print unless I wait a couple of hours. I did try the external on my laptop and same problem. I truly feel that over time the lightscribe laser does get overheated and burnt out. At first I thought it was all the disks that I bought but it wasn’t. I really like lightscribe because they look so professional. I guess like people are saying: Just get another drive. But it’s such a waste to have the dvd burners lying around when they’re still good but just can’t lightscribe.:sad:

I have had the same problem over the last year and a half…writes fine for a while then lightscribe quits working. Try new drive works for awhile then quits.

[QUOTE=pigpenz;2486353]I have had the same problem over the last year and a half…writes fine for a while then lightscribe quits working. Try new drive works for awhile then quits.[/QUOTE]

LS laser is like a household light bulb they only last so long
then they burn themselves out. It’s just like the laser that
burns the data onto a CD/DVD they burn out also,then you
have a dead drive and people always ask why did my drive
quit writing or reading. :doh: