My Experience with Dual Layer

So, inspired by some of the posts I had seen on other forums, I went and visited the Best Buy stores (4 of them) in my area looking for dual layer media. Finding it in the last store (of course), I set out to try burning a dual layer disc and see if my NEC ND-2500A (purchased in a Pacific Digital box) would be up to the challenge.

My NEC drive has herrie’s 1.07V2 Beta 5 firmware installed on it.

I ripped a movie DVD as an ISO file using the version of DVD Decrypter.

I then wrote the ISO to disc using a trial copy of vso CopyToDVD, version

Disc write went well. No problems encountered. I had set the booktype to DVD-ROM and verified after the burn that it was set as such.

First test was DVDinfoPro. Using version 2.54, I ran the read error test using the NEC drive and it passed with no errors reported.

Second test was Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.01, again using the NEC drive. Results from that looked good:

Third test was back to DVDinfoPro to do an RPM test. I first used the NEC drive, then my Sony DRU-500A (which had just been updated with the firmware that allowed reading of DVD+R DL media):

Not really sure what to make of them. They don’t look that good, but I’m no expert at reading them.

Finally, I popped the disc in my set top DVD player and watched the movie. My DVD player, a Jaton PSD711K, has great DVD-R and DVD+R compatibility. None of the movies I have burned to DVD+R media have had the booktype changed and the DVD player doesn’t flinch.

With the DVD+R DL disc, it seemed to be the same. Movie played well … with one exception. I think its the layer break. At one part of the movie, the player gave a warning message (“Disc Minor Error - Clean Disc”) but then continued, although it looks like it skipped over about 10 seconds of the movie. I am not sure if this is where the layer break actually occurred on the media, or if the IFO files for the movie were now pointing to a layer break in a different position and it caused the problem. But there was that glitch.

Otherwise, the movie and all the special features played without incident. The player had no problem playing content on the second layer, and I observed no stuttering, artifacting, or other issues.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Lite-On (or other Disc Quality-compatible) drive with which to check the quality of the disc write. I’ve been looking on eBay to get a cheap one, but so far, no luck.

I’m very pleased with my experience so far. Can’t wait for dual layer media prices to come down so more testing can be done. Although I do have three more pieces of dual layer media … what to burn … what to burn …

Just had a quick thought about layer breaks. In the original there is supposed to be a layer break authored in there right. At least all the transcoding programs seem to remove something of that nature. I wonder how that affects DVD+r DL video, because it is my guess the break may not be at the same point and such. But whatever, just my crackheaded ramblings.

Good 2 hear that you can actually burn them rather succesfull on nec-2500a

When and where has your drive been manufactured?

Sorry, I don’t know. I didn’t make note of it before my drive was installed and it would be a royal pain to remove it to check.

No problem, mate. I am already looking forward to try dl media in my drive. Good to know that the disc is bookmarked as DVD-Rom!

Good to see the drive is up to the task ! Looks like we got a bonus, thanks to herries firmware !!!

How much is BestBuy getting for DL media, and what brand are they selling it under ?

Best Buy is currently selling Verbatim’s Double Layer Solution Kit for $29.99. It includes:

[li]8 8X DVD+R DataLifePlus discs
[/li][li]1 4x DVD+RW DataLifePlus disc
[/li][li]1 2.4x DVD+R DL DataLifePlus disc
Someone else posted that they saw a shelf sticker that listed a Verbatim dual pack of DL media for $29.99 as well. Though it wasn’t on the shelf and the above kit was in its place.