My experience with dealers




My first mail here.
If it can help someone, here is my experience with dealers.

  1. Twilightoriginal: excellent. Very quick answer to any mail, they have warez very soon, quick delivery. Perhaps not the cheapest, but advantage (in Belgium): pay at delivery. No problem since at least 10 cd’s (
  2. Worminc: good. The only address I know where you can get real dvd-copy (zone 1). Quick delivery (
  3. Retarded warez: good, but I received full games copy after… 1 month (
  4. Speedycrew: good, especially for MP3. Quick delivery (
  5. Mummy-crew: FUCK and BULLSHIT (and I am not the only one as I see here!).Quick answer to give you address where to send the money, and after… good luck. No more answer, no delivery, and their site is dead since 16th of Jan. FORGET THEM!

I ordered now for Tazmania at Hamonu (; I received information answer after … 6 hours; I shall let you know the following.



We did NOT send the cd’s after 1 month
we had send the cd’s after 2 weeks, maybe it’s still a bit long but we really did not send them after 1 month, that’s bullshit and you know it.

Maybe those ppl at the post-office should have been working harder…

Your Retarded Warez Cd’s Crew !
Are you a retard yet ?
Get retarded at:
For all your Warez Cd’s !


I’m very glad to hear all this!!!
Thanx for ordering the cdz!
C ya.

Buy your cdz @ Speedy!


Hey Retarded,

Do you record your customer Email adresses. If not please tell me how you know about this order the customer made. In my opinion it’s impossible to recognize an specific order from this message.

Best Regards,