My experience with a Sony DRU-810A turned BQ DW1640

Hi guys,

I got this drive several months ago and the only thing I did was update the sony firmware. After getting tipped on the fact that I could crossflash to a DW1640 I decided to try it…

810A :
Wouldn’t pass Nero’s quality check at 16x with Verbatim Media, so I had to burn at 12x.
Ripped a DVD (3 times) and took 10:50, 10:55, :10:34

After the crossflash and speedpatched :
Burns and passes at 16x with Verbatim Media
It also rips faster now; 8:24, 8:35, 8:34

When I rip DVDs it’s usually around 15-22 discs so this will save me a lot of time and just wanted to thank everyone here.

Sorry, I’m new, where can I find information on how to perform this crossflash ? Also was your Sony using the latest “e” firmware?

Have a look here.

Thanks jbv, I just did the cross flash and my drive actually started reading discs again!