My experience so far with Lite-On 24X



Well, I got my Lite-On 24X today, and so far (this could change) I am disappointed.

I've been running with a Plextor 12X and an Acer 8X, and have had nothing but wonderful results - but, you know me, I've got to have more speed if it is to be had.

Well, the Lite-On installed fine under Win2000 Pro. But...

First thing I tried was to make an image of Operation Flashpoint. Well, first bad thing was that the Lite-On didn't even recognize that the CD was in the drive. Put it in the Plextor and everything was fine, even the autorun. But, in the Lite-On I couldn't even view the CD directory in Explorer - it would say that I didn't have a disk in the drive.

So, I put the original in the Plextor and created an image from it then tried burning it with the Lite-On. Again, disappointment. I have 3 different variation of black CD's on hand. Some colored PNY's with no speed stated. Some other silver PNY's that say 16X, and some Kensiko 12X's.

First, I tried burning to one of the colored PNY's at 24X - well it got about half way thru and crashed. I tried another one at 16X - same general results. Then I tried another one at either 8 or 12X and still crashed half-way thru.

Then I tried on of the PNY 16X's at 16X and it did copy all the way through.

Then I put in an Audio CD in the Lite-On to see how it would create an image file (with Clone CD latest version 3.0.7) and at this moment 16 minutes have elapsed and it is 95% complete. This is SLOW!

Now, I'm about to try burning that audio image - standby....
Okay it just failed at 96% done with a colored PNY - not good.

I'm gonna try the same thing at 16X and see what happens and will end this message but continue the report later.

Anybody want to buy a slightly used Lite-On?


Well, the colored PNY also crashed on 16X. I then tried a silver PNY rated at 16X on the 24X speed and it copied okay.

I’m not sure what to think at this point about the Lite-On. I will do more tests tomorrow, but so far here are my objections/observations…

  1. Why won’t the Lite-On recognize the original Operation Flashpoint CD at all?

  2. Seems to be pretty picky about what media you use in it.

  3. Very slow at reading - much slower than my Plextor 1210A - even on just creating a simple image from an audio CD.


i got toshdvd1502 for my images which read everything and quik!
i burn everything on all sort of brands with the lite_on 24x10x40
so i think there’s a point here…


All I know is that I have been using my Plextor 1210 and Acer 1208 combination for quite a while with no problems and no media that wouldn’t burn at 12x.

I used the Plextor to read and the Acer to burn (for SD2). For normal stuff I read and burned with the Plextor.

I did try some Kensiko tonight (no speed specified but they are 80 min) and the Lite-On did fine with them at 24X.

So you are burning anybrand media at 24X with no problems?

I am not starting to wonder if I have a bad drive.


Like Esdee, I have a Tosh 1502 for reading and my new LiteOn24x (replaced my 4x Yamaha) for burning. I haven’t begun the media travails you have BUT what I have found is that my ‘no-name’ blanks don’t like or work with 8x speed (the lowest 24x will go w/ Nero) but my TDK (74 or 80) and PNY 80/s seem to be fine. Here’s a thought - burn at 16x. I bet you get no coasters then…


Have you updated to the latest firmware?
It’s supposed to make things better.
Read about it in the CloneClinic forum.