My experience pt 2

Ok , sorry to start a new thread on this …but surely I have a right of reply?

No offence to theDuke but why was the thread closed after scarface had his say. I know he said “email and we will fix it” but the whole problem is that my emails wern’t getting any reply.

Scarface, I am not trying to make you look bad or cause trouble for you.
I did not write “complete crap” I have truthfully described my experiences so far with MW.
Thats what this forum is for and I am entitled to do so.

On your webpage you ask people to post about how great your service is and how happy they are with it… what if they are not happy? are we not allowed to post that as well?
You cant have it all one way.

Each time I have emailed you I have included the full details of the order… I will try again (as you suggest) and if the cd turns up I will happily post that I recieved it.


Although i am 100% sure that our team here always handles the mails and complains after they are used to be handled i believe you.

So, mail us again, and we will replace it.

And again i note: Why don’t mail me this above story, instead of putting it in here?

Because always saying that your mails are not answered doesn’t sounds very full of believe (use the good email adress,

And hope to see your email soon!

[again case closed]