My endless rants about the LiteON Combo Burner + other things



Last week I bought the LiteON Combo Burner… Nice little burner, and have convinced my boss @ work to get me one for backing up data and in the process ditch our old 8X burner - not that we do much burning anyhows.

To cut a long story short, while the burner is nice, its far from perfect. Maybe I’m being an idealist, and I haven’t completed my testing yet, but here are my views on the liteon combo burner

1 ) LiteON should make a nice little utility to let you configure led colour for burning - I dont think yellow is ideal… I prefer my 24102B’s led colours for burning/buffer underrun… Having this reddish orange’ish yellow’ish is like looking at a traffic light - like standby, wait… Red means fire, means burn… We like RED

2 ) Appears speed setting doesnt work on this model yet

3 ) Trying to burn with nero 6.0 on some 32X CMC discs causes it to spit out the disc with a burn error (while doing initial opc possibly?), so you drop down to 16X and it goes ahead and does its stuff- after 3 attempts at forcing 32X it will eventually go, but the cd is useless and ‘SmartBurn’ technology doesnt seem to be implemented. It burns the disc warts and all to the point where the drive has like 1000 C1 per second errors - C2 is just as bad, and only when the disc was about 80% complete the drive then decides to drop to a lower speed to continue the burn…

4 ) Kprobe 1.1.23 doesnt work - very low C1 error rates - I dont believe my disc has a C1 rate of 0.111 as an average… Most people probably already know kprobe doesnt appear to work on C1/C2 error checking on the combo drive this but I’ll say it anyhows - maybe its my drive that is this

5 ) burning some media (8X) on a CMC disc showed a very high C1 error rate when checking the disc, burnt the same data in my liteon at 8X and error rate was constant and stable throughout - makes it seem like the combo is not as good a burner as my 24102B…

6 ) SmartBurn 3.1.1 - some of my old media is incorrectly being identified for speed - again Im being picky but my 2 year old Ritek 12X rated media being identified as 40X is interesting.

And lastly, and I’m on my soapbox here, if anyone from LiteON management is listening, give Karr a break or release tech specs on the drive so that people can write their own utilities for the drive (an open source project perhaps?). Maybe some other cdrom manfacturers could release fullspecs? there are some of us out there that want more than ‘just a simple burner’… Maybe even go as far as releasing firmware code? :slight_smile: