My E100H can't speed copy more than 8 minutes!

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DIGA DMR-E100HEGS. Click here to see full specs[/qanda][B]Guys I need your help please!!! :bow:

My Panny DMR E100H started acting strange Yesterday.
I always record on the HD in XP mode and then I transfer to DVD-R media using the speed copy. Yesterday I tried to tranfer 60 minutes composed by 4 small recordings of 10 to 15 minutes each and the Panny couldn’t do it!

The first thing I noticed was that when I told it to copy a 16 minute video in speed mode, it said it was going to take 14 minutes (instead of 16), then a second later it said it would take 7 minutes, another 3 seconds later it told me it would take 2 minutes! And in 2 minutes it stopped copying in speed mode and showed me the blue screen saying DUBBING FAILED. :frowning:

I tried with 6 different blank DVDs. I only use Sony and Maxell and they have always worked 100% on my Panny.

Then I tried copying 8 minutes in speed mode and it WORKED!!

But that’s the most it can do at a time. EVERYTIME I asked it to copy a longer recording (like 10 min.) it would say it was copying and then stop and acuse failure.

What calls my attention is the fact that everytime it failed it ALSO failed to aknowledge the correct minutes I was copying. For example, it was supposed to copy a 22 minute file, it said it would copy 12min, then 8, then 2! when it should have said 22 min, then more or less half of it since it does take half the time to copy in speed mode. So it should have said 22 minutes and then 11 or 10 minutes. Instead it started at 12, then jumped to 8 and quickly to 2! :eek:

Ah, I copyed a 25 minutes file from a DVD-RAM to the HD in speed mode and it worked well. Its the transfering from HD to DVD-R in speed mode that is acting weird.

I don’t have free space on a DVD-RAM disc to try the speed mode copy from HD to DVD-RAM right now.

Copying my XP recordings from the HD to a DVD-R in XP mode works well. BUT the speed mode is crazy.

The first symtom was that after recording successfully 4 one hour DVD-Rs with speed mode, the machine went into self-check for a few seconds. It did not acuse any error. But then next day started acting weird. :rolleyes:

PLEASE someone help me out! What on earth is happening to my Panny?
Is there such a thing as memory failure???[/B] :frowning:

Panasonic customer service in Brazil gets you no where! :o