My DW1650 won't burn at 16x

I have just got a new 1650 from my local dealer
(my last 1650 didn’t burn for more than 4x)

The Drive was made on March with BCFC fw
but I just flashed it to official BCHC fw.

And This is the result from burning Verbatim +R 16x ** MCC004
(every function is as default in qsuite except WOPC is disable)

did i set anything wrong for SolidBurn
it is disable for support disc but MCC004 is included in Learned Disc .


My H.d is well defraged
and this drive is DMA enabled.

and … i have pioneer 110D on the same computer, it can burn MCC004 disc at the speed of 16.

Now I enable WOPC , it cannot burn more than 4x.

This really should have been just a continuation of your previous thread, rather than a new one.

Other than suggesting that you have a bad batch of Verbs , made in India by any chance, I’ve nothing further to add that I didn’t post previously.

i think My Verb is CMC made { from looking at cakebox }

i just wanna know the cause of this problem, writer or disc ?

This is with the new firmware (lastest official firmware)
WOPC on as default

I have bad writer or i have bad Verbatim ?

Fist of all guitarz, I have to agree with TimC; you should have continued in the other thread… :wink:

Second, you said your HDD is “well defraged”. But that doesn’t seem to be the (only) problem. Looking at your CPU usage, your system seems to carry quite a heawy load.
Also, are you multitasking while burning?
What are your HW specs?
Use CPU-Z to get relevant information.

Holy crap, dude!

We’re having the same problem!

My BENQ 1650 started screwing up after the 3rd CD that I burned. Now I can only burn at 4x.

Anyone have a solution?


Mine can only burn at max 4x also :frowning:

Mine dvdburner is BenQ 1655

@ [B]SaikoManSP and KingdomCOme[/B], please provide more info about your problems. Output from Nero InfoTool is a good start.
But all this you should already know when reading posting guides. :wink:

Without knowing the basisc of your problems I suggest you both to delete the IDE channel (in device manager) where your drive is connected, restart compu and let it load default M$ IDE drives.
Furthermore you can install QSuite, clean all learned medias and start from there.

I have no problem now
I bought a new 1655 instead
no problem atm:)

Yes, here is Nero InfoTool pics

A detailed log of my computer can be found here, if anyone wants to take a look.