My DW1640 needs medical attention!

My DW1640/EW164B has been acting up lately. The TRTs look like this even on good discs. TRTs of a single layer disc look roughly like the first half of this one.

I tried the drive on two different controllers, used different cables, and checked the discs I was using by doing TRTs on my other 3 drives and they all looked fine (nice smooth upward curve) on the other ones.

The weird thing is, if I do a TRT or a quality scan of a CD on the BenQ, it works fine.

So, is the drive going south? Or is it something silly like “take it apart and clean the laser”.

I could really use your help as this classic drive is an integral part of my collection and it’s near impossible to find these days.

edit I should also mention that I am using this drive internally, despite its external firmware.

First, check your DMA settings.

Is this a SATA machine with third-party IDE controllers? I’d check your configuration and drivers.

Flash this drive with BSLB firmware and do the tests again. BSLB is the most bug-free BenQ firmware, and the only way to rule out certain things.

What kind of dual-layer media are you burning? If it’s anything other than Verbatim, then weirdness like this could be normal.

Why isn’t your media being bitset to DVD-ROM? Are you using something other than a BenQ to burn with? If so, what drives?

As per your advice, I flashed back to BLSB. My drive isn’t bitsetting to DVD-ROM because I forgot to set it.

I’m using MKM001 for DL media, and I’ve included some TRTs here of MCC004 and TY CD-R.

The first two are TRTs of a MCC004 disc burned with my BenQ @ 12X. One test done on my BenQ and the other on my Pioneer. I have tried the BenQ on both my motherboard controller and on my Silicon Image 0680A controller and I get the same results. So I do not believe it is a controller issue.

edit And yes, the BenQ with BLSB is running UDMA mode 2.

The second two are what confuse me. I burned a TY CD-R on my Plextor @ 16X and did both a TRT and quality scan with my BenQ and it looks mostly alright.

So, what I’m wondering is… despite its weird behaviour with DVDs, can I still consider the BenQ an accurate CD scanning drive? Or should I replace it?