My dw1620's broken :\



i just bought an oem version of this burner, and when i installed it, i encountered this problem.

-can’t read dvdr’s most of the time. normally the led goes blinking for a long time, then dies soon afterwards. When this happens, everytime i click on that drive it asks for a cd or it looks like i have a blank inserted.

-on rare occasions that i get the drive to burn a dvd, i’m having trouble reading em. Like, i can’t launch the files from the disc i inserted, and when i copy it i get a crc error.

i’m beginning to think that the drive i got is defective, as one of the dvdr’s that i inserted got two hole marks (the size of the lens) since i tried various firmwares to no avail :frowning:


What kind of media are you using? Can it read original DVD’s with no problem at all? This could very well be a media issue more than anything.


the original one that i got was confirmed defective, so they changed it… but i got the same results (unable to read) when it comes to data dvd discs…

this time, i tried various tests
—(two types) data disc dvd - failed to read
—burned dvd movie (same types of dvd as above) - read ok
—booting a windows cd from that drive at startup - went ok
—dvd movie (original) - played ok

edit: i found anohter dvd data disc, it got read, but everytime i try to copy or play a video file from it it’s like my disc drive is having a seizure, as it takes a while to process it so it seems.

btw, both data discs got a cdlabel on top so i can’t find out what the brand is… is there a way to find it out still?



I think a lot of people will tell you that labeled DVD’s are NOT recommended. It causes more unreliability in DVD’s in general and I just would not use them. My recommendation at this point is to go out to Best Buy, Staples or OfficeMax and get some good media to test the drive with it completely. Try reading an original DVD movie in it as well.

The media to get? Made In Japan Fuji Branded, Sony Branded, TDK Branded media is your best picks at some place like Best Buy. Even if you got a 25 pack it would give you an idea if they drive is working as it should. This is some of the most compatible media on the market (Taiyo Yuden rebranded) and is always a good starting to point to tell if a drive is defective or not.


my bad, just got dvdidentifier… so here’s the updated tests

—(FORNEX101) data disc dvd - failed to read at all
—(FORNEX101) burned dvd movie - read ok
—Original dvd movie - played ok
–(taiyo yuden i think if i got the spelling right) data disc dvd - inconsistent. it doesn’t read the disc sometimes. and this is where i’m having problems reading files if they ever work
–(taiyo yuden) burned dvd movie - would be read, but can’t play (takes forever to load) also most of the time DVDIdentifier would say that it’s unsopported media

funneh thing is, all these discs works fine w/ my other dvdrw drive, and that is what’s disturbing me :frowning:


perhaps answering these few questions may help us to give you a possible solution.

  1. what motherboard do you have
  2. on which IDE channel is your drive ex; Primary Secondary and is it Master or Slave
  3. what kind of cable are you using, flat 40, 80 or a round ide cable

  1. asus a7v333-raid
  2. secondary as slave (tried as master didn’t change anything) :sad:
  3. 40 pin ide cable i think