My DW-d56a Won't read DVDs

I have a sony vaio laptop with a Sony DW-d56a DVD-Rewriter. And since around last week sometime, it’s been unable to read any DVDs except real ones, I mean DVD-Rs and RWs don’t work - It sounds like its trying and trying to load but doesnt. Im not sure about CD-Rs and CD-RWs though. But can anyone help me with this problem, thanks

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Sorry no one has had an answer to you question yet. These drives are not as common as the 5 1/4 varieties.

Usually this problem is related to a hardware failure but I’m surprised you can still play DVD-Video/DVD-ROM discs. I really don’t know what else to suggest at the moment. Maybe by bumping this thread someone else may have a suggestion…

Laptop drives are especially prone to dust problems, so a lens cleaning might help. If that doesn’t, then I think that the only people who would be able to help you are the folks at Sony tech support. Good luck.

That’s strange - I’ve had the same problem and it does not seem to have been cured by updating with the latest firmware. It only seemed to be a problem some time at the end of June - unable to read DVD-RW but okay with DVDs. Any ideas???

I just updated the firmware but still have the same problem.

Well I recently uninstalled the “click to DVD” thing, Could it be related to this problem? I tried to reinstall it but I could only download an update for it from the vaio site, and I cant update because I’ve uninstalled it…

OK, I was just trying to install a game from a CD-ROM. It was reading soooooo slow

Have you checked to make sure that the drive is in DMA mode? As I posted earlier, if it seems that your drive may have a physical defect, then the only people who can help you would be Sony tech support.

DVD lens cleaning no success - plan to contact those chaps at Sony - thanks for the advice.