My DVR-111D dont read all media!

Hi, i purchased a new Pioneer DVR-111D (OEM) but my burner dont read any tipe of media i try whit all my discs, like movies or audio cd, and data dvd and cd, but i have bad results.

I conect my burner in all combinations, like Master, Slave, and single master but dont work.

I already flashed to 1.23 firmware

And i run in WinXP SP2

I dont know what to do, i hope to help me.


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It is possible that your drive is damaged. If you can, try to install it on a different computer, to exclude a problem in your machine.

Ok thanks :wink:

Bad news for me i purchased in a online store and now, i need to pay the shipping x 3 :a

One more time thanks!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

It should be possible to have a RMA if the drive is damaged. Check on the webpage of the store for details