My DVR-109 Firmware (A09?!)



I’ve attached a picture of my DVR-109 drive because I’m worried about flashing this thing with the wrong FIRMWARE.

DVR-109(bk) …what is the bk?! … why is there no DVR-109 1.50 FIRMWARE listed under the pioneer drive at

Can I flash this thing with the A09?

Thanks for your help!



Your drive is a DVR-109.


I was assuming that but it but they don’t have any firmware that just says DVR-109.

(my is beige btw)


There are only 2 versions:

1/ DVR-109
2/ 109 XL


No there’s not (


Hence my confusion.


2 different drives, various names, ONLY 2 firmware types.

Check the OFFICIAL PIONEER sites, then think about it, again.


Dude, im not sure if you’re trying to be difficult (I appreciate the help), but it’s a very simple question and you’re ignoring what I’ve been pointing out - THAT THERE IS NO BASIC DVR 109 firmware without any letters beyond it.

I’m just trying to find out if the firmware is the same or I should be looking elsewhere or for something else entirely.

I’m sure the 1.50 is fine but I want to be absolutely sure.

My drive is fucked regardless, so it’s going in for an RMA … I was just trying to troubleshoot the potential problem prior to submitting it.


Well … according to Nero I am running FW version 1.09 … yet people with version 1.17+ are having issues with different forms of media.

What are the benefits of upgrading the firmware?


Look at this PAGE the top 2 options are for the 109, & it does say 109 or 109BK (same firmware) :stuck_out_tongue: