My DVR-108 w17h 73h G05 0wn5 j00

GOD DAMN I LOVE THIS BURNER! I got me some Ritek G05 and it is the best. The latest official Pioneer firmware (1.14) officially allows you to burn G05 at 12x. Even better, look at the scans! It took 6:56 to burn a dvd. YAY!

OMG look at those results! :slight_smile: I am glad I bought a bunch of Ritek G05 now.
Updated my DVR-108XL to 1.14, as well. 12X burning for the price of a G05
is just amazing. Newegg was selling 50 packs for $26 (I think it went back up
to $28 now, but still a great deal). I picked up two 50 packs. Glad I did now.