My DVDs not working in newer DVD players but older ones?

HELP!!! I did this huge project for a client and transferred his VHS to DVDs.
I used verbatium: DVD+R DL
These dvds work fine in my 2 year old dvd player and my cheapo dvd player but they will not work in his Polk Audio Home theater system, it keeps saying that the DVD is not being read, but it works in older dvd players.

He is pissed because this is an expensive system and he thinks I am doing something wrong … but I have had hundreds of clients who have never had a problem, what is going on???

I have been searching all night for something and cant find a thing…please help!!: sad:

You used the best available brand for DL media. Are they the 2.4x-6x variety of Verbatim DL or the 8x? Are they made in Singapore or are they made in India?
What speed did you burn them?

What make and model burner are you using?

His player may just be a particularly picky one for this type of media.