My DVD's not playing on certain players

[B]Can amateurs like myself produce copies of DVD’s which like an original will play on ANY DVD Player.

I have produced a DVD (DVD-R) with 250 old photographs from the early 1900’s of my hometown & intend copying them & selling them to folk at a nominal cost (Enough to recover my costs).

The first one delivered to my friends didn’t work in his player and had the message ‘Incorrect disk format’.

I am hoping to send my dvd’s all over the UK, so need them to work in any player. Has anyone got a solution please? After all the manufacturers originals work in any player.

(My DVD re-Writer is an ordinary cheap Samsung.)

THANK YOU for reading this.
Norman (In the UK)[/B]

If I’m correct in thinking this is a photo slide show and not a DVD movie. Then its down to the DVD player.Some will play slide shows some won’t?
How are you making them.

Possibly an NTSC slideshow in a PAL player?

If you are making a slideshow, most newer authoring software will make this in the form of a dvd-video. Otherwise like bamo says some players might not like the slideshow format. So your disc’s should have a video_ts and audio_ts folder like a standard dvd-video. As for the rest of the problem, -r is usually your best choice for compatibility, but there is alot more to it than that. I have some players (researching my family and friends) that only like certain makes of discs. Maybe it is the dye, or the burn program, haven’t narrowed it down. But I have had better success with picky players with newer 8x media. (verbatim, fuji ) Read here for a list of known issues with certain makes of players:
You can bet that any player made in the last 2 years will play a -r and usually a +r if they are quality media, and authored properly. Hope this helps.

your killing my eyes with that pink stuff…

If your burner is capable to use bit setting do so. Use +R media with bit setting enabled. This makes the disc look as though its a DVD Rom which gives a lot more flexability in playing in a lot more players.


Thank you for your help help and I will try your suggestions.

You are right, It is a slideshow of 250 old photos that were produced using a programme from ‘Xequte’ called ‘DVD PixPlay’. My DVD rewiter is a Samsung TS-H552 using Pinnacle software. There is an option for PAL or NTSC and I used PAL.

The DVD’s I have used so far are Datawrite 2xspeed DVD-RW and Datasafe DVD R & JVC DVD-R’s.


Has anyone else ever heard of Xequte DVD PixPlay? Not I.
For slideshows, I resize all images to the same aspect ratio, adding borders if needed, then import them all to DVDLab to make the slideshow.
Never had a problem this way.
I know that’s not much comfort, but maybe someone else has used your software, and can jump in here with help.