My dvdrw dual drive shows up as cd drive

I have a MicroAdvantage superdrive (DVD+RW and DVD-RW). When I connect it to my ibm x31 notebook with XP operating system, it shows as DVD-RW Drive, but when I insert any empty dvd+r, dvd-r disk, it will change to CD Drive. And the Roxio dvd recording software cannot recognize it either. Can anyone help me??? THANKS

It doesn’t matter what Windows displays as the type.

Update Roxio.

I know, but none of the dvd recording software can recognize it and record it. So basically, I cannot use it.

I’m having the same problem with my NEC ND-3500. I’m using it in an external case USB2.0 and connect to my laptop via a pcmcia USB2.0 card.

I haven’t been able to burn a single dvd because of this.

Is your DVD firmware/driver updated ? get the latest A070 from and see if that helps

im having same problem with my NEC-6650a on my Laptop.
DVDRW—> insert DVD-R---->shows up as CD DRIVE (still recon its a dvd-r inside, but with no data. RAW format, 0 used space, 0 free space…)

any solution?

Read the whole thread, carefully!