My DVDRW Drive doesnt read discs!

First, my dvdrw drive, a TDK 880N, stopped reading discs all the time. It would only work sometimes. I figured the drive was just dying, so I bought a new one.

So I bought a new DVDRW Drive, a Shuttle CR40. It has the exact same problem. It reads DVDs and Audio CDs, but not data discs that are professionally stamped, or data discs that it burned five minutes ago!

Broken drive right? WRONG. When I open up Nero Infotool, it loads up, and BAM! the cd in the drive is instantly recognized and readable.

When no Disc is in the drive, its a DVDRW drive. Once a disc is placed in the drive, it becomes a CD-ROM drive. makes no sense!

I just feel like reformatting, in the hopes that it solves this problem. I updated the Firmware to the latest, and cant find drivers of any sort,

What are your guys’ opinions on this? :confused:

It’s obvious that the problem lies somewhere at the software side and configuring.

Proper re-installing would fix that.

do you mean reinstalling the drive? there wasnt any software that came with it… Or do you mean a reinstall of Windows?

thanks for you help.