My Dvdrom keeps lag minute by minute

here’s the problem:
“my computer” hanged when my dvdrom is not working

here’s the story
last few days when i was using my pc “mycomputer” eventually hanged up then i restart to just fixed some of problem hoping that it will repair. when my pc boot up. it hanged when detecting the i.d.e. driver(s) … as i deal this problem i think that my dvdrom is the source of this problem therefore i remove it. and voala! my pc worked up again.
so i searched for whole bunch of troubleshooting to fix my dvdrom…

so i fix it via:
uninstalling ide cable
deleting reg edit like uppercase
even changing my i.d.e cable
testing my dvdrom to other computer
reinstalling dvdrom drive

and so my dvdrom start to worked again… but as time pass by around 10minutes later when starting to boot up my pc, it started to lagg minute by minute and its annoying. my dvdrom wont eject, “my computer” hanged my pc wont worked and i am annoyed…

please help me fix this problem:bow:

ps. please dont tell me to buy and replace my dvdrom i know. truth hurts but i think theres other way … but if there’s not… huhuhu

my pc specs
intel® Celeron® CPU 420 @ 1.60GHz
2mb of RAM
ST340810A for 40gig HDD
WDC WD1600AABS-00PRA0 for 120gig HDD

again please help me fix this problem… i love my dvdrom…
thank you in advance have a nice holiday and merry christmas to everyone !!

Welcome to the forum and Merry Christmas to you, too :flower:

Did the DVD drive work when you used in the other computer? Did you try a system restore to a point before the problem started?

thx for replying the form and sorry for late reply…

im afraid yesterday i just try my dvdrom to other 2 pc and it result the same :frowning:

happy new year

Sorry to hear the bad news. I’m sure you checked the master/slave jumper on the drive to be sure it is in the correct position. It does sound like time for a new drive.

Happy New Year(and happy new drive) to you, too :slight_smile: