My DVDrom disappeared

I have a TSST corp cd/dvdw. I tried to update the driver using a update. It was to update the firmware. I stopped it after about 10 minutes and rebooted. My DVD no longer appeared. The device does not show up in the BIOS when I automatically detect drives. How can I fix my computer so that it will recognise my DVD?

I stopped it after about 10 minutes and rebooted.

Wrong forum. But in any case, you likely tried to flash the wrong firmware, and the drive is now dead. Interrupting a firmware flash always results in a dead drive anyway. If you can find out the maker and model number of the drive, maybe someone can help recover it.

Edit: looks like it might be a Samsung drive. Find the model number and post back, but AFAIK, it’s a goner with no recovery possible.

Thanks for the info. I knew I did something like that. The DVD player is a Toshiba Samsung the model # is SH-W162. I knew it was fried so I bought a new one but I promised everyone I knew that if I found out how to recover it I would let them in on it. Sorry about posting on the wrong page yesterday I was pretty desperate for info.

Try the forum for Samsung drives