My DvDram doesnt read all dvds



i have a laptop Asus n80vb

and my dvd/cdrom drive is : HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50L

lately it stopped reading most of dvds,
like i had a dvd9 it read it before but now it wont read it.
i dont know what to do.

i hope you can help me .


i can provide any information you ask for.



nothing helpful there . but thanks for trying

still waiting


You could try cleaning the lens.

If that’s not the cause the drive is failing
It just hasn’t completely stopped working.

Also how does it do with commercial DVD’s ?


works fine with commercial DVD’s,
im afraid of cleaning the lens because i dont want to break them or something


It’s not as hard as you might think .

There are cleaning discs but some people claim they can mess up a drive .

The simplest cleaning is using canned compressed air.
Spray some in the open drive door . Use a light touch is just small dust .
If that doesn’t do it then you need to use some cleaning solution made for getting
"scum" off the lens .
Or try a cleaning disc.
Right now it’s barely working so you don’t have much to lose.