My dvdr says the disc is "unknown"



My new dvdr - off brand and cheap, with new dvd+r disc’s that it formats and then records, will not play because it says it is an “unknown disc” what the heck is that?? :confused: These are magnavox dvd+r that are made for everything, data, video, photos, movies, etc. When I practice with one, record a little bit and then view it, it works perfect. When I try to record a 2-hour show, at the end a prompt says “disc stopped recording, it is full” I click OK, then when I tell it to play, after loading, it says “unknown disc” and will not do anything. Any ideas on what is happening and why and how do I fix it?? It is very frustrating. And this is my first dvdr and first attempts at trying to record, it should not be so difficult. Right??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

thanks for your help!!


Finalize the disc first.


In addition, which recording mode are you using? (I assume that you have a standalone DVD recorder.) XP/HQ/Fine? SP? LP? EP/SLP?

The “disc stopped recording, it is full” message indicates that you’ve tried to record more video than the disc can hold (at a given recording mode). As such, you cannot finalize the disc because there is simply no room on the disc to do so (according to the recorder). The result is that you have a “coaster.”

In addition, some brands of DVD recorders default to HQ/XP/Fine when you first plug it in - and that highest-quality mode will record only one hour of video on a single 4.7GB disc.

Finally, some 2-hour shows actually run a few minutes over 2 hours. DVD recorders give you absolutely no leeway at all whatsoever to accomodate such overrunning because a small amount of blank space on a disc is required for finalizing.


that’s got to be it. I was thinking that for some reason, once it’s full these lies the problem. Because you are right, now it won’t allow me to finalize, it won’t allow anything. Is there a way around it so that I can save what I did record? I am thinking not since it won’t let me in to do anything it also won’t let me erase anything to make room to finalize. And I had it on SP. I did not know these things. There should be instructions somewhere that let you know so you don’t miss out on season openers that you are trying to record for your sister who is in Iraq and comes home in two weeks to watch her favorite shows big 4-hour season opener!!!

But being the optimist that I try to be, are there ANY tricks I can try?? I guess since it isn’t finalized I can’t do anything with it on my computer dvd player/burner either?? Well I have two discs that have 4 precious hours on so I am going to try anyway!! Wish me luck or send advice, please!


Well, I was able to record tonight, and all went well. I recorded for two hours and set the speed at three hours so there was room to finalize and it looks great. Wish I had know that when I was trying to record “24”. Live and learn.

Thanks so much for your ehlp, it lead me in the right direction. I appreciate it very much. :bow: