My Dvd Writer just stopped reading discs

I have had a pikaone Dvd writer for 2 yrs (With the latest Firmware),and all has been fine,untill yesterday.
My son was just watching a dvd on the pc using the drive i went out of the room and came back in and windows media player had froze so i turned it off and tried to restart the film but nothing would happen,no autoplay or anything,it shows up in My computer and when i try to open a disc the pc just frezzes untill i eject the disc.
I went into Devise manager and unistalled it and re-installed and it still wont do anything i even took it out and put it into a other pc and still nothing.
Do you think it has packed in? seems that way it’s just strange how it just went all of a sudden
Any advise would be great
Cheers :confused:

Does it also freeze with other DVD,s or only that one because if its only that one then it will be no more than a media problem…

No i frezzes no matter what i put in it. I’ve tried disc’s i know are working fine and still nothing

What the hell is a Pikaone?

what do you expect from a no-name drive.