MY dvd won't read MY burned discs?


i have lg gce-8526b (i also had msi cr52-m before - same problem) cd-rw
and lite-on JLMS XJ-HD163 dvd-rom which wont read cd’s burned on my comp… and some (not all) - around 80% can - cd’s burned with other comps/burners…

dvd’s reads perfect… also cd’s that come with magazines or hardware…

i burn with nero express. always with default settings at 24x speed

cd media doesn’t matter (although i didn’t try that solution - i just use media as it comes - mostly traxdata)

firmware is latest - GH5Y

any suggestions? thanks

the lg could be the problem. are the discs working fine in other dvd-roms?

yes, but i had same problem with msi cd-rw?!

could they both be problematic… strange