My DVD Won't Play In A DVD Player



I hope this is right place to ask this…

Ok, so I bought a Pinnacle Tuner and saved a program on my hard drive as an avi.

I want to be able to burn this on a DVD and watch it outside of my laptop, like my DVD player connected to my TV.

So, I converted it, using SUPER, to a .vob file and copied to a blank DVD. I can play the DVD on my computer with no problem, but I get an error message from my DVD player. What am I doing wrong??


I take it you mean IFO, BUP & VOB? What type of media are you using, Dvd-R or Dvd+R?


Deja Vu?



Sorry blutach, I know I posted this twice, but I didn’t mean to post this in the other (wrong?) forum.

I’m using DVD+R, beef barley. I’m new to burning DVDs. I just want to be able to play them on my player that’s connected to my TV.

How do I get IFO and BUP? Do I need those? I apologize again for being new to this.


When you create a video DVD (one that can be played in standard DVD players), you need to use authoring software that will make the final output conform to video DVD standards. Try Avi2Dvd.


Thanks, AZImmortal. Worked out just the way I wanted it to!


SUPER should output a complete set of DVD files, including IFO and BUP along with VOB files. Check your project directory.

If it is complete, run ImgBurn, switch to build mode, drop the folder onto the drop zone, insert a blank disc and hit the big green button.