My DVD won't eject...Using Toast 6 and OS 10.3.9




I’m experiencing an issue with a DVD-RW disk.

First, my configuration:

800mhz G4 Quicksilver
OX 10.3.9
CD/DVD Drive Type:
Drive Type: CD-RW/DVD-RW

(The Plextor has proven to be a good unit. It will burn anything inserted into it including DL (dual layer) 8 gig DVD’s.)

Software used to burn the DVD:
Toast 6 for OSX

The DVD make that I’m having an issue with:
Memorex DVD+RW 4.7 gig

My problem:

When I insert the DVD+RW, it will mount correctly and I can read and copy the file from it fine. The problem is when I attemt to eject the DVD+RW. It will dissappear from the desktop (correctly) but instead of the DVD ejecting it will reappear back on the desktop. Almost like it doesn’t want to be ejected.

I make sure that no files are in use from the DVD that would prevent ejection.

I have tried:

1 Using the eject key on my keyboard
2 dragging it to the trash icon (which turns into an eject icon)
3 right clicking on the dvd and selecting eject

All of this results in the DVD diappearing and then reappearing shortly after.

Could it be the fact that it was re-written on? It was.
It was burned inthe Mac/PC format using Toast 6.

Restarting will result in an eject, but it’s a lame time consuming work-around.

Any suggestions?



G4; Mac OS X (10.3.9)


Could this be a power saving problem? Energy control panel.


Hi - is this issue specific to this exact brand/type of media? Have used a firewire-attached 716 with a G3 running Tiger & using Toast 6.1x with zero issues.