My DVD to DVDR Tutorial has been updated

I have just updated my DVD to DVDR Tutorial. It includes these changes:

  1. This is to take into account the new version of DVD2SVCD that does faster 1 pass VBR encoding equal to a 4-5 pass VBR by using the D2SRoBa plugin.

  2. Also Scenarist is not needed anymore and freeware DVDAuthor has been included to do the authoring.

  3. Batch mode encoding has need included.

  4. Manual reathoring of a DVD9 when the video + audio is less than 4.37gb size has been changed to use DVD Shrink instead because its faster and simpler.

  5. I cant believe it, but I found 48 spelling mistakes. Well the spell-checker found them. :slight_smile:

  6. Pictures updated where needed and a couple more included.

Its at so any problems or queries or anything, just ask.


Hi Chickenman, thank you for another great tutorial. Just one question, can it be converted into a printable version?

Sorry Chickenman but I found the answer in the thread tools…thanks again.

Your tutorial goes over keeping the original movie and one audio stream. how can I keep the original menues as well?

There is no simple way using DVD2SVCD method and besides I see no real use of a Menu when all you have to select is the main movie anyhow.

If I want to include a menu, I extract it out of the VTS_0x_0.VOB file (the normal home of Menus in most DVD’s) with DVD2AVI and then re-author the lot in DVDLab or Maestro. I tend to do my Audio or Episode DVD’s that way.

DVD ReBuilder is a later alternative that keeps the original DVD structure of main Movie & all extras, Menus and everything intact and uses CCE to do the encoding. All you can remove is Audio tracks and Subtitles. Still Beta, but works with most DVD’s.

Awesome guide ChickenMan.

Thanks, I’ve just put in the PAL to NTSC conversion steps as well.