My dvd rw gone crazy!



hi there!

i’ve got a nec - optiarc dvd rw on my laptop. at first times it was good enough for me, and i could do whatever i wanted. but in these days, and it’s only been 7 months. now i got problems with it.

my problems are;

  • while i’m watching dvd movies with power dvd, after 1 or 1,5 hour later, a blue screen comes with an error and my laptop restarts.

  • the problem above was ok for me. but now it’s got out of my control. when i try to burn a movie or something to a blank dvd with nero or something else, it writes a little (about %20-30 sometimes %7) then it stops writing with no error appearing. the led on the front panel of the writer never turns off till shut down and i can only eject the half burned dvd by sticking something into the emergency hole of the writer. after i restart my computer the dvd writer shuts down itself and cant see it on ‘My Computer’ and i can’t see it on bios as well.

sorry for my poor english. all replied will be appreciated.

thanks a lot.


Notice the error from the BSOD and then search m$ support for a solution.


thanks for the reply chef.

i experienced bsod problem in only xp. currently i’m on vista and now the second problem is bothering me. can you help me with second one.


Best would be to post a logfile.
Nero has it saved in the nero folder, named nerohistory.log or similar.


but nero doeasn’t prompt an error while writing. the writing process just stops and dvd burner locks on writing. i can’t see an error. after rebooting my computer i can’t use dvd driver and windows and bios don’t see a dvd writer connected.