My DVD-ROM drive (and others) won't read certain DVDs


I have the weirdest problem and I’m pretty sure there’s an explanation!

about two years ago I was making some DVD backups to some TV show
I have 10 seasons all are original DVDs
So I copied 40 DVD5s to 40 4.7 GB Silverline DVDs

few days ago I decided that I want to use Verbatim insead of silverline
so I started to copy all those 40 silverline dvds to Verbatim

starting from season 7, I couldn’t read those DVDs (the Silverline) at any DVD-ROM drive
I have an LG GH20LS10, I also tried it in my brother’s DVD drive (another LG) and also tried it at my father’s DVD drive (Samsung drive)

So I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem with the DVD drive
and not a problem with the media …
Also I tried it in two DVD Players
one couldn’t read those but the other can play them perfectly
those two are different models of Pioneer

please help me I am desperate :confused:


Hi Amir and welcome to CDF,

Why do you think that the DVD are not the problem? Just because the media play perfectly on one out of two DVD player? This doesn’t mean that the DVDs are ok. A really good one plays in every player without problems.

I’m not sure if there is a solution for your problem (apart from redoing the copys from the original discs). What burning/copy software are you using? Have you tried ImgBurn?

I think that the media is the problem. Can you provide us a disc quality scan with Nero Disc Speed (former CD/DVD Speed) , maybe the Samsung drive of your father is able to do this.

But then again, imo the chance to copy these disc again is very little.

@ koodkid,

Welcome to the Forum.

Exactly what is “Silverline DVDs”?

To avoid any confusion provide the Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example; TYG02) of these “Silverline DVDs”. To obtain the Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example; TYG02) of these “Silverline DVDs” suggest using a utility program similar to DVDInfo ( and/or Nero CD DVD Speed (

Fully concur with Forum Member H3rB3i assessment that the most likely cause of the problem is the “Silverline DVDs”.

Suggest performing a Disc Quality Scan on these “Silverline DVDs” or if the DVD Burners are not able to perform Disc Quality Scanning to at least perform Nero CD DVD Speed ScanDisc surface scans on these “Silverline DVDs”.



it’s CMC MAG M01
does this help ? … I but it’s crap

the thing is that it plays perfectly on my living room DVD player
so the data must be good … is there some way I can copy it to my harddrive ?

thanks …

@ koodkid,

Unfortunately that is an incorrect flawed erroneous assumption.

CMC MAG M01 DVD+R Media has a known well-documented history of being problematic Media. The use of CMC MAG M01 DVD+R problematic Media is the root cause of your problem. Just because your recorded CMC MAG M01 DVD+R Media disk appear to view/playback in any particular PlayBack devise is not a valid indicator that the recorded CMC MAG M01 DVD+R Media disk doesn’t contain Cyclic Redundancy Check ( (CRC) read/write errors.

To obtain insight on the problem suggest a Google Search ( on the topic of Media Reflectivity Degradation and/or DVD Rot.

You could attempt to use the IsoPuzzel ( and ImgBurn ( software combination to retrieve data from your known problematic CMC MAG M01 DVD+R Media Disk. Attempting to retrieve data from a known problematic Media Disk that contains Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) read/write errors is not an easy task and requires skill and knowledge to perform this demanding task and in the end when Movie Audio/Video data is involved the results is less than desirable. When Movie Audio/Video data is involved the retrieved data will mostly have Skipping/Jumping Video and Audio synchronization deficiencies.

Suggest obtaining known proven quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media which has excellent proven track record of consistently producing quality error free results.