My dvd-rom burner is fixed to region 2!

Recently I have just bought a new pc with this new dvd-rom burner (Liteon SHM165P6S04C), then I played several dvds with different regions (I’m in region 4). Five times later, it said that my dvd-rom is fixed to region 2. God! I knew nothing about all this. That means my dvd-rom becomes rubbish now since most of my dvds belongs to region 4. After some research, I found out that I can either ‘flash the firmware’ (God knows what this means), use a crack code (it cost UK$9.95) or use a software package. However, I know barely anything about all these. Can anyone help me?

you might find some interesting reading here:

how to flash, some firmwares, and more

Such things doesn’t exist, you have an dvd burner.
DVD-ROM is always pressed.

Just use LtnRPC.

I prefer Kprobe for that job :slight_smile:

Kprobe for removing RPC2?